The New Breathe

To all of the students who came to practice at Breathe, who shared their laughter, tears, joys, happiness, fears and love – I can’t wait for you to see the new Breathe! I have poured my heart and soul into every little detail and I think you will find it even more special than the old space. To all of the NEW students who will find themselves at Breathe, I can’t wait to meet you! There will be a new member special –20 days of unlimited yoga for $20 – so that we can get to know eachother. This will give you an opportunity to try several types of classes as well as different teachers. I hope you can find a yoga hOMe here…

I am beyond excited to start this new journey in Keego Harbor! There will be more classes, more events, a retail area and more space to play. 

Please see the schedule page and know I will be adding classes when up and running! 

I am grateful to each and every one of you and appreciate you ALL!
Love, Peace and Namaste, Cinda

 Please check back frequently for more information and feel free to email me at for any updates and to be added to my email list.



9:45am Fully Led SlowFlow with Cinda
11:11am Gentle Hatha with Cinda
6:30pm Vinyasa with Cinda
8:00pm Restorative with Cinda

9:45am Vinyasa with Cinda
11:11am Gentle Hatha with Cinda
6:30pm Vinyasa with Cinda
8:00pm Hatha with Herb

9:45am Fully Led SlowFlow with Cinda
6:30pm Vinyasa with Cinda
8:00pm Hatha with Cinda

8:30am Hatha with Cinda
9:45am Vinyasa “Follow the Yogi” with Cinda
11:11am Gentle Hatha with Cinda
5:30pm Shotokan Karate-Do with Burt**
6:30pm Fully Led SlowFlow with Cinda ***
     June 22, moved to Sylvan Lake 6-8pm – text me 248-420-4331 and come sample yoga on a SUP!
8:00pm Restorative Yoga with Burt

8:30am Slow Burn with Coby
10:00am Yin/Restorative with Cinda

8:30am SlowFlow with Cinda
10:00am Hatha with Cinda

9:45am Power Vinyasa “Follow the Yogi” with Cinda
11:11am Yin/Meditation with Cinda
7:00pm Gentle Hatha with Cinda  *** CANCELED 6/25 *** 
NOTE: The Sunday 7pm Gentle Yoga class at Breathe is only running if it is a yucky day outside during the Summer. So if it is raining, sleeting, snowing, thundering, etc…. you get the picture…. come in and practice. If the sun is shining, it is warm and amazing outside, go jump in the lake and do some yoga OUTside! Namaste….


Class Descriptions

Hatha Yoga, 60 minutes, 75°
A general yoga class for any level. Basic pranayama (breathing) technique is cued throughout as well as a wide variety of asanas (poses) to explore the amazing physical benefits of yoga. This is a great class to learn the different poses as well as correct alignment. Become comfortable with doing yoga while building strength and flexibility. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga, 60 minutes, 75°
Especially good for beginners as well as anyone who wants a more “chill” class to relax in while stretching and releasing tension in both the body and the mind. There are not as many standing asanas (poses) as a Hatha class and inversions aren’t usually cued.

SlowFlow Yoga, 60 minutes, 80°
Great for Intermediate students who have a basic knowledge of the different poses and are ready to begin to link them together with breath for a more energetic practice. Students are set free to flow on their own a few times during the class, flows are shorter than a Vinyasa class.

Fully Led SlowFlow Yoga, 60 minutes, 80°
Same as above, but every pose is cued so there is no having to remember the flow! No yogi left behind!!!

Vinyasa Yoga, 60-75 minutes, 90°
A more vigorous form of flow yoga than above, with longer flows and inversions/arm balances (optional). This class is also combined with fun, energetic music. Good knowledge of the poses is suggested, but if you are in good physical shape, it’s fun sometimes to just jump in and try! (Note: Power Vinyasa is 75 minutes)

Yin Yoga, 60 minutes, 72°
A slower paced yoga, where postures are held for a longer period of time, sometimes 5 minutes, targeting connective tissue that isn’t normally exercised in other forms of yoga.

Shotokan Karate-Do**
Traditional Karate training as founded in Japan and spread throughout the world. Ages 12+ all levels. Weekly $15 drop-in class, separate than Breathe membership. Any questions, please call Sensei Burt at (248) 941-7800.

Drop-in $17
Monthly Unlimited, 1 year commitment $100
Monthly Unlimited, 6 month commitment $110
Monthly Unlimited, 1 month $120

5 class punch card $75.00
10 class punch card $140.00
20 class punch card $240.00

Students, Seniors over 65 and Vets please inquire


My teacher Dharma Mittra teaches that stress is the cause of injury and illness, and that we must find ways to be better balanced. Many of us are walking around exhausted, not getting the valuable sleep we need at night. This guided form of relaxation removes tension and fatigue in the physical body, relieves depression and anxiety, rejuvenates and energizes the entire system, boosts the body’s natural healing ability, and normalizes the circulatory system. A 45 minute Yoga Nidra is like getting several hours of sleep! It is through this practice that one can gradually come to recognize that you are so much more than the body or the mind. Upon waking, one returns feeling deeply refreshed and rejuvenated. This is a VERY accessible form of meditation to practice. Bring anything that will make you comfortabe, we will be laying on our backs for about 40 minutes. I have props at the studio or bring a small thin pillow for your head. We will have a small preparation exercise before we begin. This is a Friday night Donation Class, not a part of the regular schedule.

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